Chinese company to rehabilitate Algiers’ Sidi R’zine refinery


ALGIERS, Nov 1 (AE&B) -- The rehabilitation of the oil refinery of Sidi R'zine (Algiers), shut down since 2015 following the termination of the contract with the French company Technip  will be awarded to a Chinese company, said Monday in Algiers the CEO of Sonatrach, Amine Mazouzi.     "After wide consultation, the Algiers refinery rehabilitation work will be outsourced to a specialized Chinese company and whose contract will be signed on November 6," said  Mazouzi to the press on the sidelines of his visit to seat of the direction of transport activity by pipeline Sonatrach .                                                                                                                  To recap, the original contract for the rehabilitation of the Algiers refinery, located in Sidi R'zine (south-east of Algiers), was concluded in 2010, before being terminated in 2015.In 2014, the Algiers refinery had processed 2.8 million tonnes of oil. Regarding the details of the contract and the date of re-commissioning of the refinery, Mr. Mazouzi said they will be announced the day of signing the contract with the Chinese side. 

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