Khelil ready to go to the Algerian justice and denies he has American nationality


Algiers  August 14 (AE&B)--Algeria’s Former Energy Minister Chakib Khelil, pursuant to an international arrest warrant for his alleged involvement in the scandal Sonatrach II is ready to go to the Algerian justice.  "I am ready to go to Algeria, at any time, and to meet the service of the Algerian justice but on one condition: that the trial is conducted in accordance with legal procedures," said Khelil in talks with the local daily El Bilad in its Wedneday edition.                                                                                                                                                  On Monday,Attorney General of the Court of Algiers, Belkacem Zeghmati, announced that nine international arrest warrants were issued against those involved in the corruption case Sonatrach II, which Chakib Khelil, his wife, two children and Farid Bedjaoui.  Khelil,currently in the United States, in this interview States, told El Bilad hearing the news about the international arrest warrant, which is the subject through the media. It ensures they have received, to date, no call from the Algerian justice. He also reminded, in this sense, coming in Algeria repeatedly for a period which coincided with the investigation of the case Sonatrach II, without ever being bothered by anyone.He Khelil also denies having pretended to be sick not to come in Algeria and answer the call of the judge. "I'm home in the U.S., I live normally and do not suffer from any health problems," he said.                                                               Khelil believes, however, that the "noise that accompanied the investigation of cases of Sonatrach cause for concern." "This is why I insisted on the need to respect the legal requirements in my trial and that the case should not be used to settle accounts," he added. The former Minister of Energy has refused to discuss the details of the Sonatrach case. "But I tell you everything I know to the Algerian justice if my condition is met," he promises, claiming to be innocent and want, with arguments and supporting evidence, to prove his innocence.  Meanwhile,Khelil also denied,in a separate interview with the Algerian daily El Chorouk,that he  has American nationality or any other foreign passport , “I do not have American nationality neither any other nationality. I travel with my Algerian passport,”he added.

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